Sphinx extension for including or writing pages in Markdown format.

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sphinx-mdinclude is a simple Sphinx extension that enables including Markdown documents from within reStructuredText. It provides the .. mdinclude:: directive, and automatically converts the content of Markdown documents to reStructuredText format.

sphinx-mdinclude is a fork of m2r and m2r2, focused only on providing a Sphinx extension.


  • Basic markdown and some extensions (see below)

    • inline/block-level raw html

    • fenced-code block

    • tables

    • footnotes ([^1])

  • Inline- and Block-level rst markups

    • single- and multi-line directives (.. directive::)

    • inline-roles (:code:`print(1)` ...)

    • ref-link (see `ref`_)

    • footnotes ([#fn]_)

    • math extension inspired by recommonmark

  • Sphinx extension

    • add markdown support for sphinx

    • mdinclude directive to include markdown from md or rst files

    • option to parse relative links into ref and doc directives (md_parse_relative_links)


  • In the rst’s directives, markdown is not available. Please write in rst.

  • Column alignment of tables is not supported. (rst does not support this feature)

  • Heading with overline-and-underline is not supported.

    • Heading with underline is OK

  • Rst heading marks are currently hard-coded and unchangeable.

    • H1: =, H2: -, H3: ^, H4: ~, H5: ", H6: #


Python 3.6 or newer is required.

pip install sphinx-mdinclude


In your Sphinx conf.py, add the following lines:

extensions = [

Markdown files with the .md extension will be loaded and used by Sphinx, similar to any other .rst files.

To include Markdown files within other files, use the .. mdinclude:: <filename> directive. This applies the conversion from Markdown to reStructuredText format.


sphinx-mdinclude is copyright Hiroyuki Takagi, CrossNox, and Amethyst Reese, and licensed under the MIT license. I am providing code in this repository to you under an open source license. This is my personal repository; the license you receive to my code is from me and not from my employer. See the LICENSE file for details.